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COMPALITY (companies for equality)

This project financed under the ERASMUS+ Program, Key Action 2, Small Scale VET

According to various unions and journalistic sources, companies currently do not comply with state regulations and European recommendations about the implementation of an equality plan in their organization. Because of this deficiency, and because of the positive aspects that the extension of the existence of these plans in companies will incorporate into society, we want to train VET students to design, implement and evaluate equality plans in the companies where they work.

The activities foreseen in this project are:

1. publication of a "Guide for the design, implementation and evaluation of equality plans in the company";

2. online course for anyone interested to learn how to design, implement and monitor an equality plan in any EU company;

3. two transnational meetings and four multiplier events will be organized.

Once all the activities described have been carried out, we will obtain as a result a VET student body trained in equality plans in the company, an approach of the student to companies in their environment, a clear vision of the European landscape as regards the legal and real equality of the business world and a frame of reference for those countries lagging behind that want to equate themselves with those that are more avant-garde in terms of equal conditions in companies.


We're thrilled to share with you the FREE downloadable GUIDE on how to design, implement, and evaluate equality plans in companies! Available in English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Greek, the COMPALITY Erasmus+ KA2 project aims to empower VET students with the skills to create and assess equality plans in organizations of all sizes and sectors.

Download your FREE GUIDE now and join us in promoting equal behavior between men and women in business organizations.