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This project financed under the ERASMUS+ Program, Key Action 2 – ADU, Strategic Partnership Project

The COVID-19 pandemic and armed conflicts have exacerbated mental health needs, making people vulnerable. Adult education programs target individuals who face changes in family, career, and social circumstances. Poor adjustment can lead to self-doubt, affecting participation and dropping out.

The ESCAPE TO HAPPINESS aims at developing adult learning concepts and methods based on bringing back smiles in these uncertain times.

Our emotional statement represents a key to our final result and long-term success, which is essential to increase motivation, positive interaction between people, and well-being.

The actions of this project are focused on people between 40 and 60 years old; this project is created to bring positive mindfulness to a positive social and professional life.

Main goals of this project:

Increase the motivation of adults to participate in formal and non-formal adult education programs;

Increase social interaction between adults;

Increase the impact of educational programs on learning; train (adult) educators to work in this field.


                                                        BOOKLET OF BEST PRACTISES